Fireworks. I hate them.

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Fireworks. I hate them.

Post  Major Arcana. on Sun Nov 02, 2008 2:40 am

There is only one thing I hate as much as Rusty and that is fireworks.

Every time a banger goes off I shit my pants.

Every time I see a Catherine Wheel I have to run away and hide in my cupboard

One time, when I was in Iraq, some Iraqis where celebrating Bonfire Night and they let-off and air-bomb repeater. I killed nine women, three children and six men that night. I was looking at a court-marshal but the leader of the village spoke-up for me. Those Iraqis loved me like a brother-they called me the sky-god because I first arrived in their village by jumping out of an plane. I was not court-marshaled.

When ever I hear fireworks I just recite lines from So-Haunt Me and hope for the best.

Major Arcana.

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